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Dr. Phil Show: Woman Reluctantly Admits Lying About Domestic Violence To Jail Husband For 10 Months
WCVB-TV: Innocent Men Permanently On Restraining Order Registry
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6/8/2009 Wednesday's VAWA Senate Hearing - Say No To a Dog-and-Pony Show
6/3/2009 VAWA Loophole Creates Epidemic of Immigration Fraud
5/19/2009 Play the Abuse Card, Win a Green Card
5/11/2009 Judge Judy Tells False Accuser: "You Didn't Play Fair!"
5/4/2009 Want a Good Laugh? Check Out the SAFE Act!
4/28/2009 NOW vs. Rush Limbaugh on DV - Who's Right?
4/20/2009 How Much Taxpayer Money is Enough for Domestic Violence Programs?
4/7/2009 Teed Off About Wasteful VAWA Spending? Have a Tea Party!
3/31/2009 Party Hearty: Spend National Tea Party Day Protesting VAWA
3/24/2009 Valerie Jarrett Unveiled: Tell the White House the Truth
3/16/2009 Tell Rep. Poe: The SAFE Act Could Bankrupt America
3/3/2009 Like Tall-Tales and Fairy Tales? Then You'll Love the SAFE Act!
2/23/2009 Take Action Today: SAFE Act will Supercharge False Allegations of DV!
2/9/2009 Keep it Up: Tell the Senate DV Funding Doesn't Belong in an Economic Stimulus Bill
2/6/2009 Economic Stimulus Bill Funds Ineffective DV Programs. Call The Senate Now!
2/2/2009 Call 'Foul' on the ABA's Gender-Political Agenda!
1/26/2009 Spread the Word: Shelters Don't Help the Real Victims of Violence
1/19/2009 Where IS the Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting?
1/12/2009 RADAR Launches New Campaign - VAWA: Out of Control
12/22/2008 2008: Building Success Upon Success!
12/16/2008 H.Res. 1397 Commends NCADV for Hateful Gender Stereotypes
12/8/2008 TV Newscast Highlights False DV Allegations
11/17/2008 Is This What Congress Had in Mind for VAWA?
11/10/2008 Yes We Can ... Fix VAWA Now!
11/2/2008 Tell Dallas Transit to Stop Putting Kids at Risk
10/26/2008 As We Approach Election Day, Tell Candidates to Fix VAWA Now!
10/20/2008 RADAR Releases Recommendations to Stop False Allegations of DV
10/7/2008 Fix VAWA Now! -- That's What Every Congressman Needs to Know!
9/29/2008 Tell the Democratic National Committee to Fix VAWA Now!
9/23/2008 Penna. Conviction Spotlights DV Awareness Month Theme
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