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Dr. Phil Show: Woman Reluctantly Admits Lying About Domestic Violence To Jail Husband For 10 Months
WCVB-TV: Innocent Men Permanently On Restraining Order Registry
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7/5/2013 False Abuse Claims Are The New Court Weapon, Retiring Judge Says
4/29/2013 Woman Cop Whose False Accusations Cost Another Cop His Job Pleads Guilty; Gets No Jail Time
4/29/2013 Male Victims Of Domestic Abuse Continue To Suffer In Solitude
4/28/2013 Earl Silverman Lived For Nothing, Died For Something
3/20/2013 Canada's Only Shelter For Male Victims Forced To Close Its Doors
9/5/2012 Nordic Countries Defund Gender Ideology
1/24/2013 Bizarre Canadian Supreme Court Ruling Reinforces Misandrist Gender Bias
1/3/2013 Columbia U. and U. of Georgia Researchers Find Elementary School Bias Against Little Boys Sets Them Up For Failure
1/7/2013 Mother Who Beat Son Frequently And Killed Him For Not Learning Koran Tried To Avoid Blame By Falsely Accusing Boy's Father
12/5/2012 Father Grieves Deaths of Children Aged 2, 4, and 5; Mother Charged With First Degree Murder
9/25/2012 Children Most Often Killed By Mothers
8/17/2012 Contra Costa Cops Arrest Innocent Men To Harm Their Divorce And Custody Cases; Dept. Retaliates Against Whistleblower
8/12/2012 Misandrist Gunwoman Shoots Men At Random In Grocery Store; Apologizes To Woman For Scaring Her And Lets Her Go
2/9/2012 Former Battered Women's Shelter Resident Says She Felt Safer With Her Abuser Than In The Shelter
2/9/2012 Battered Women's Organization Defrauded Los Angeles of Over $700,000, DA's Office Alleges; Director and Employees Arrested
5/15/2012 Florida Mother Murders Her 4 Children
4/20/2012 False Statistics by Feminist Groups Lead to Hysteria, Misandry
2/1/2012 Super Bowl Prostitution Hoax
1/18/2012 Systemic Bias Against Men In Family Court
2/20/2012 Kenyan Men Urged To Boycott Meals In Abuse Protest
12/21/2011 The Awkward Truth About Spousal Abuse
12/19/2011 Illinois Mother Murders Her 3 Children And Her Boyfriend In Cold Blood
12/10/2011 Calif. Prison Psychologist Accused of Faking Rape
12/4/2011 Feminist Researchers Admit Women Are Aggressors in Household Violence Too
12/2/2011 Woman Stockpiled Plastic Sheets, Bleach, And Garbage Bags Before Attacking Husband With Sawzall, Police Allege
11/27/2011 Zimbabwe Women Accused Of Raping Men 'For Rituals'
11/13/2011 Severe Injuries And Deaths From Female Violence On Campus
11/5/2011 London School Of Economics Sued For Misandrist Bias
11/4/2011 Six Year Old Boy Murdered By Mother
9/7/2011 Sometimes, Women Lie About Rape: That's Why We Need To Halt Obama's Attempt To End Due Process For College Men
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