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Dr. Phil Show: Woman Reluctantly Admits Lying About Domestic Violence To Jail Husband For 10 Months
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9/2/2011 Scandal Surrounding Maine ADA Mary Kellett Goes International
9/1/2011 Maine DA Mary Kellett May Be Disbarred For Targeting Innocent Men For Sex Crimes Prosecutions
8/28/2011 Misandrist TV Teaches Viewers To Laugh When Girls Hit Boys
9/1/2011 Department of Education Repeals The Most Basic American Legal Rights
8/29/2011 Doctor Jailed 3 Years Wants Perjury Charges For Sex-Assault Accuser
7/17/2011 United Nations Deliberately Ignores Male Victims Of Rape Says Director of Refugee Law Project
8/20/2011 College Rape Accusations and the Presumption of Male Guilt
8/30/2011 Good Dads Make Happy Daughters
8/23/2011 Calif. Mom Arrested On Suspicion Of Throwing Her 3-Month-Old Son From Top Of 4-Story Garage
9/5/2005 The Sexual Brutalization Of Male Prisoners In U.S. Prisons
6/16/2011 Woman Accused Of Raping And Murdering 17-Month-Old
6/28/2011 Fresno Woman Allegedly Holds Boyfriend Hostage, Tortures Him Over Suspected Infidelity
07/12/2011 Orange County Woman Accused Of Poisoning Husband And Cutting Off His Penis
6/23/2011 Bangor Woman Admits Brutally Murdering Husband With Pliers, Box Cutter And Baseball Bat; Reason: He Spoke To Ex-Girlfriend
6/20/2011 When the State Breaks a Man
7/6/2011 NYC's Bloomberg ALWAYS Thought Perp Walks Outrageous, Except A Month Ago When He Defended Them
7/6/2011 Has Doing The Right Thing Damaged Manhattan District Attorney's Career?
7/5/2011 Mother of Dead 2-Year-Old Claims To Have Been Abused; Jury Acquits Her of Murder
7/2/2011 Strauss-Kahn Accuser Told Her Boyfriend, "Don't Worry, This Guy Has A Lot Of Money. I Know What I'm Doing"
7/1/2011 Dominique Strauss-Kahn And The Media's Failure To Presume Innocence
4/8/2011 U. Wisconsin Prof. R.L. McNeely Presentation to Wisconsin Bar on Counterintuitive Facts About Intimate Partner Violence
6/10/2011 Elementary School Teacher Charged With Having Sex With Three Teenage Boys
6/9/2011 Wife Pushes Husband Out Of 25th Story Window
4/19/2011 HPV Causes Oral Cancer In Men; Researcher Says Idea Of Only Protecting Daughters From HPV Is "Nuts"
4/14/2011 False Sex Abuse Accusers Go Unnamed And Scot-Free After Destroying Physical Therapist's Career, Finances, And Reputation
4/14/2011 Mother Tells Young Children "You're Going To Die With Me"; Drowns Them In Freezing Hudson
4/12/2011  Video In Defense of Men
4/10/2011 Police Say Mother Sexually Injured Young Daughter So She Could Falsely Accuse The Father Of Child Sexual Abuse
4/2/2011 Government Office 'Falsified' Figures On Domestic Violence - Ombudsman Finds
4/4/2011 Mom Convicted Of Smearing Feces On Daughter's Catheter
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